In Europe, many Aussie and Kiwi expats are faced with looks of bewilderment when revealing their home country. Why would you leave?

For many, including myself, it's simply to feel part of the global community. Since pulling up stumps and arriving in Europe some five years ago, I’ve etched out a space where I now work throughout Europe and the Middle East on a diverse range of film and video projects usually dealing with art, music, the future, progressive politics, smart education and the subversive.

Camera and lighting technology are providing dramatic change to what looks are possible on screen. Of course, that’s an old story - technology is always advancing; that’s its definition. But luckily for us, that translates to the ability of getting frighteningly similar production values to gazillion dollar films - if you know what you’re doing and what equipment’s at your disposal.

Me, I’m obsessed with bringing these production values to each project I work on; to use the technology (or lack of it) to bring each story to life in the way it demands to be told.

Hitchcock once said (and I’m paraprasing here) that making films is arduous. "It already exists in my head... making the damn thing is the boring bit.”

I’m up for the boring bit if you are...

Mikael Brain
mikael at nobodymove dot com dot au
ph +49 157 73964696